Atmospheres is my original project, in which I link my love for sounds and the written and spoken word. I´ve been working on this project on and off for four years. All those sonic stories, as I call them, are made out of my short stories, field recordings, recordings of various musical instruments, and voice. Each time, I also create a visual representation of a sonic story.

My stories portray things and events that happened to me, people I´ve met, dreams, and nightmares that I´ve dreamed of, but with a blend of magical realism, absurd drama, and existentialism.

As Czech is my mother tongue, it is the language through which I feel and with which I can play the best. That´s also the reason it is the language of my Atmospheres.

Dům (House) is my first sonic story.

Dům (2020)

Oči (Eyes) – the second story

Oči (2020)

Lehkost bytí (The Ease of Being)

Lehkost bytí (2020)

Chaos (Chaos)

Chaos (2020)

Walk the Line

Walk the Line